Thursday, November 28, 2013

British Nerd Outfit (Groove) for Pullips

The other outfit I got from Groove was the British Nerd Outfit:
British Nerd outfit
Suzette (Pullip Io) models the outfit for us today
I am loving the grid print on the shirt, and although I don't usually like large head pieces, I do like this bow hair clip.  The outfit also comes with 3 different bow pins that you can attach anywhere on the outfit.  Here Suzette is only wearing one of them, but they look cute lined up down the front of the shirt too.
British Nerd outfit
All work and no play makes Suzette a dull girl!
The outfit comes with a men's-style shirt, denim shorts, socks, shoes, 3 pin-on bows, a black polka-dotted hair bow, glasses, and a Union Jack V-neck sweater.
British Nerd outfit
The glasses that come with the set are adorable.
Here I have added a Liv doll mailbag which I think looks cute on her with the outfit!
British Nerd outfit
The jean shorts are rolled up and the raw edge is not finished inside.

The sweater is really soft and has nice ribbing details in addition to the British flag pattern sewn onto the front with ribbon.  The outfit also comes with cute green ankle socks and white shoes.
Working in the park
 Overall I really love the quality of the outfit and the details on the items.  Below is a more in depth review of the outfit.  When you consider the cost of separate items like glasses, shoes, and sweaters, I think this set is a good value for the money spent, although it is a fairly high priced item all at once.

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