Monday, November 25, 2013

Coney Island Outfit (Groove) for Pullips

I splurged and got a few outfits from Groove (the company that makes Pullips).  The detailing on the clothing is beautiful and the outfits come with a set of shoes (I'm still working on getting some shoes to match the clothes I plan to sew my dolls).  Here is the Coney Island outfit modelled by Ally:
Coney Island Outfit
The dress without the belt
There is a video below that shows all the items that come with the outfit.  It comes with a red gingham dress, a removable polka dotted bow belt, an eyelet-trimmed under-skirt, a headband with a large bow, a denim jacket, lace trimmed socks, and a pair of red pumps that inevitably fall off Ally's Type 4 feet.

Coney Island Outfit
The dress with belt
Coney Island Outfit
Ally is so pretty, she deserves an Ally-centric shot.  It's not ALL about the dress :)
The jean jacket is beyond cute!  It has tiny beads sewn on as buttons, and it fits her perfectly (also fits my headless Obitsu body as shown in the video below).  The jacket isn't meant to close, and has 3/4 length sleeves.

Coney Island Outfit
The whole ensemble in all its gingham and polka dotted glory!
The detailed stitching on the jacket and working pockets are way too cute!

Coney Island Outfit
Cutest jacket ever!
I originally thought these outfits were over priced, but now that I have a few of them, I realize that for all you get, they are actually pretty comparable to other Pullip clothing.  There are so many pieces included and the quality is excellent.  Although you can find cheaper outfits, once you buy shoes, socks, and a jacket or sweater, you would be spending just as much if not more on a non-Groove outfit.  So as long as you'll actually use all the items, a Groove outfit is probably worth the higher price.  As a new collector, I still need things like socks and shoes, so for me this was a good purchase and I have already mixed and matched the items quite a bit.  I'm also glad that most of the pieces will fit the Obitsu body I have (see video below for more info on this).  If you would like to see more pics of pretty Ally modelling this outfit, check out my Flickr channel (link to the right)

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