Secrets of Woodside Index (My Pullip Pic-Fic)

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This story focusses around Suri (Bloody Red Hood), a young woman with a mysterious past, living in a cottage deep within an old-growth forrest.  Following an unfortunate incident involving a wolf, Suri's grandmother passed away and left her the cottage, where Suri has lived alone ever since.

Woodside is a large, bustling town with a booming high-tech industry.  It has become a popular location for young professionals to settle; offering stable jobs, safe schools, a vibrant nightlife, and the beauty of nature all around.

Each episode is listed below and linked to its own separate page that includes the music video and photo story for the episode.

The residents of Woodside are an interesting lot, and each has their own story that will unfold throughout the series.  It's best to get to know them through their story, but here is a brief introduction to each, to help you keep them all straight:

Secrets of Woodside Character Bios


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  1. I love your story so much! I can't wait for more!