Monday, November 4, 2013

Introducing Pullip Ally

Here is my second Pullip doll, Ally!  She came in this pretty yellow and pink box:

Pullip Ally
"A simple dress and brightly shining blond hair... That’s all I need to be wonderful... Feel Like So."

Her eyes are a gorgeous shade of turquoise:

Ally is a special 10th anniversary Pullip doll.  She has a simpler than usual stock outfit but is priced at $80, which is apparently what they cost when they came out 10 years ago.  I love the simplicity of her stock outfit, but I noticed that the quality of the sewing is not up to par with Io's stock outfit, which is a bit disappointing.  The top stitching is just a tiny bit messy, and the satin fabric is really flimsy.  I do really like the simpler look though, as I find most of the stock outfits quite extravagant. I've decided to keep her name, Ally, as I think it suits her quite well.   

Here she is straight out of the box. I love how smooth and silky her hair is:

Her face-up is quite soft and subtle. Unlike Io (Suzette), who has orange undertones, Ally has pink undertones.

She is so pretty- I absolutely love her!

Here is my unboxing video:

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