Monday, November 25, 2013

I made another Pullip dress!

New Dress & Blouse

This is the third dress I made for my Pullips. This one (a dress and blouse) I made using a pattern with Japanese instructions from a magazine I got on eBay. Since I'm new to sewing, and don't know any Japanese, it was quite a challenge and I had to wing it on a few of the details, so there are plenty of mistakes. But overall, I really like hot it turned out.

New Dress & Blouse

New Dress & Blouse
I modified the sleeves because the pattern sleeves were way too puffy for me!

New Dress and Blouse
I found this knit cap in my house and no one knows where it came from, but it fits Ally perfectly!
I love my puppy!
Look at those beautiful lashes!
I love my puppy!
Ally loves her puppy (I thought it was a cat, but my kids insist it's a dog)

Model: Ally
Clothes: Dress and blouse sewn by me (pattern from a Japanese magazine), socks from The Dollie Boutique on Etsy, Shoes from Groove (Pullip Io's stock) Knit hat: unknown
Props: Littlest Pet Shop, Mini Lalloopsy

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