Thursday, October 22, 2015

Secrets of Woodside Ep 5 BTS

Suri and Neela at work
Sneak Peek into Scene 1 of Episode 5: These 2 are working on a top-secret project for the World Security Bureau
Episode 5 is going to take a bit longer to assemble than usual, because it requires more elaborate sets and prop work than usual.  So far I've only completed one scene, but it has been a lot of fun and very rewarding to finally be telling this part of the story!

Bts WSB lab
First I had to find lab-coats, and make and laminate ID badges.
Bts WSB lab
Then I had to modify my kitchen island to look like a lab counter and gather some other supplies 
I used a piece of glossy paper to serve as a wall-mounted white board and found some sciencey things to write on it with sharpie markers.  The science lab set is from my daughter's American Girl doll room. I also gathered some office-themed Rement pieces and printed up a WHMIS poster.  I'm using Timulus and Wayne's goggles as safety glasses for this scene, and Wayne's bullet proof vest will be worn by Jax, who is a field agent in between assignments in this episode.

Bts WSB lab
Because this episode takes place in the backstory, I had to re-wig and re-dress my dolls.
I have to be careful of little details, like Jax's necklace needs to be on Jax, not Suri (since he hasn't met her yet, nor died yet, and she hasn't received his personal effects that include his necklace :)  I also have to make sure I cover up his "Suri" tattoo in flashbacks. 

Bts WSB lab
BTS shot
I wanted this scene to have a clinical feel to it, so I opted for minimal furnishings and no decor, aside from the WMIS poster.  I used my plain yellow walls as the walls of the lab and my plain white table top as the floor.  It made for easy set-up and it looks nice and stark.

It took me half my day off to make and gather everything and shoot this scene.  The next scene will be even more elaborate, so it may take even longer... but we are about to see how Suri and Jax met, so I hope it will be worth it!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Introducing Kai (*swoon*)

Introducing Kai

 This bad boy joined the doll shelf last week. His name is Kai, and he is a Taeyang Hitsugi, another from the Nightmare collaboration set, of which I already had Ni-Ya (who I call Dominic). Kai has such a dramatic, unique look, he really draws you in.

  Introducing Kai

He has this amazing dark brown hair with white, blonde, and red pieces, with lots of long braids, and various layers.

Introducing Kai

He has multiple piercings on his face, which gives him a real badass look.  I really like how he contrasts with Dominic's look.  Dominic (Taeyang Ni-Ya, see photo below) has tight leather pants, and quite a "pretty boy" face.  Dominic is quite a vain womanizer, while Kai is a bit of a free-spirited hippie who expresses himself through his style as well as his music

Introducing Dominic

Dominic (Taeyang Ni-Ya joined the family this summer)
Never the shy one, Kai immediately began recruiting other dolls to join his band. It's not surprising that Dominic was easily persuaded to take the position of lead vocals.  Luna surprised us all by volunteering as drummer.  Who knew she could play drums?


So far the band is looking pretty good, but what they really need is a name!

I have a feeling Dominic is going to enjoy the spotlight
Luna might be crushing on Dom a bit!

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