Thursday, November 28, 2013

British Nerd Outfit (Groove) for Pullips

The other outfit I got from Groove was the British Nerd Outfit:
British Nerd outfit
Suzette (Pullip Io) models the outfit for us today
I am loving the grid print on the shirt, and although I don't usually like large head pieces, I do like this bow hair clip.  The outfit also comes with 3 different bow pins that you can attach anywhere on the outfit.  Here Suzette is only wearing one of them, but they look cute lined up down the front of the shirt too.
British Nerd outfit
All work and no play makes Suzette a dull girl!
The outfit comes with a men's-style shirt, denim shorts, socks, shoes, 3 pin-on bows, a black polka-dotted hair bow, glasses, and a Union Jack V-neck sweater.
British Nerd outfit
The glasses that come with the set are adorable.
Here I have added a Liv doll mailbag which I think looks cute on her with the outfit!
British Nerd outfit
The jean shorts are rolled up and the raw edge is not finished inside.

The sweater is really soft and has nice ribbing details in addition to the British flag pattern sewn onto the front with ribbon.  The outfit also comes with cute green ankle socks and white shoes.
Working in the park
 Overall I really love the quality of the outfit and the details on the items.  Below is a more in depth review of the outfit.  When you consider the cost of separate items like glasses, shoes, and sweaters, I think this set is a good value for the money spent, although it is a fairly high priced item all at once.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Coney Island Outfit (Groove) for Pullips

I splurged and got a few outfits from Groove (the company that makes Pullips).  The detailing on the clothing is beautiful and the outfits come with a set of shoes (I'm still working on getting some shoes to match the clothes I plan to sew my dolls).  Here is the Coney Island outfit modelled by Ally:
Coney Island Outfit
The dress without the belt
There is a video below that shows all the items that come with the outfit.  It comes with a red gingham dress, a removable polka dotted bow belt, an eyelet-trimmed under-skirt, a headband with a large bow, a denim jacket, lace trimmed socks, and a pair of red pumps that inevitably fall off Ally's Type 4 feet.

Coney Island Outfit
The dress with belt
Coney Island Outfit
Ally is so pretty, she deserves an Ally-centric shot.  It's not ALL about the dress :)
The jean jacket is beyond cute!  It has tiny beads sewn on as buttons, and it fits her perfectly (also fits my headless Obitsu body as shown in the video below).  The jacket isn't meant to close, and has 3/4 length sleeves.

Coney Island Outfit
The whole ensemble in all its gingham and polka dotted glory!
The detailed stitching on the jacket and working pockets are way too cute!

Coney Island Outfit
Cutest jacket ever!
I originally thought these outfits were over priced, but now that I have a few of them, I realize that for all you get, they are actually pretty comparable to other Pullip clothing.  There are so many pieces included and the quality is excellent.  Although you can find cheaper outfits, once you buy shoes, socks, and a jacket or sweater, you would be spending just as much if not more on a non-Groove outfit.  So as long as you'll actually use all the items, a Groove outfit is probably worth the higher price.  As a new collector, I still need things like socks and shoes, so for me this was a good purchase and I have already mixed and matched the items quite a bit.  I'm also glad that most of the pieces will fit the Obitsu body I have (see video below for more info on this).  If you would like to see more pics of pretty Ally modelling this outfit, check out my Flickr channel (link to the right)

I made another Pullip dress!

New Dress & Blouse

This is the third dress I made for my Pullips. This one (a dress and blouse) I made using a pattern with Japanese instructions from a magazine I got on eBay. Since I'm new to sewing, and don't know any Japanese, it was quite a challenge and I had to wing it on a few of the details, so there are plenty of mistakes. But overall, I really like hot it turned out.

New Dress & Blouse

New Dress & Blouse
I modified the sleeves because the pattern sleeves were way too puffy for me!

New Dress and Blouse
I found this knit cap in my house and no one knows where it came from, but it fits Ally perfectly!
I love my puppy!
Look at those beautiful lashes!
I love my puppy!
Ally loves her puppy (I thought it was a cat, but my kids insist it's a dog)

Model: Ally
Clothes: Dress and blouse sewn by me (pattern from a Japanese magazine), socks from The Dollie Boutique on Etsy, Shoes from Groove (Pullip Io's stock) Knit hat: unknown
Props: Littlest Pet Shop, Mini Lalloopsy

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Pullip Ally and Rudolf Photoshoot

Ally was trying out her new camera when she spotted a shy friend...
Ally spots a shy friend

She comes in closer for a shot:
Ally spots a shy friend

"Come here little guy, have a treat"
"Come here little guy"

The key to a reindeer's heart: rolled oats and glitter, which Ally happened to have in her pocket ;)
"Come here little guy..."

Models: Pullip Ally, plush baby Rudolf
Clothing: Sweater (Carrot Atelier on Etsy), Jeans (Barbie), Sneakers (Liv Doll), Socks (Groove)
Props: Pentax 1/3 scale camera (from e-Bay)

Monday, November 4, 2013

Introducing Pullip Ally

Here is my second Pullip doll, Ally!  She came in this pretty yellow and pink box:

Pullip Ally
"A simple dress and brightly shining blond hair... That’s all I need to be wonderful... Feel Like So."

Her eyes are a gorgeous shade of turquoise:

Ally is a special 10th anniversary Pullip doll.  She has a simpler than usual stock outfit but is priced at $80, which is apparently what they cost when they came out 10 years ago.  I love the simplicity of her stock outfit, but I noticed that the quality of the sewing is not up to par with Io's stock outfit, which is a bit disappointing.  The top stitching is just a tiny bit messy, and the satin fabric is really flimsy.  I do really like the simpler look though, as I find most of the stock outfits quite extravagant. I've decided to keep her name, Ally, as I think it suits her quite well.   

Here she is straight out of the box. I love how smooth and silky her hair is:

Her face-up is quite soft and subtle. Unlike Io (Suzette), who has orange undertones, Ally has pink undertones.

She is so pretty- I absolutely love her!

Here is my unboxing video:

First outdoors Pullip photo shoot

Hanging out in a tree at sunrise

The sun was rising beautifully over our neighbourhood after we dropped the kids off at the bus stop, so DH and I went outside so he could teach me about lens flare, bokeh, and using a reflector.  We started in the front yard and got some great backlighting and lens flare

Fall sunrise
the sun quickly moved and this was the last shot I could get in the tree
These apples are delicious!
Then we moved to the backyard where the sun was over to the side, still low in the sky
An apple a day...
There was so much light to her right that we had to use a reflector to fill in the left side of her face.
Model: Suzette (Pullip Io rewigged)
Clothes: dress handmade by a local artisan who makes dolls and doll clothes (unfortunately I didn't keep her card); shoes and socks from Groove
Props provided by Mother Nature ;)

Added later: I later scrapbooked this photo: DSC_3994

Saturday, November 2, 2013

I made a Pullip dress!

Comfy dish

I made this dress using a pattern I found online (I didn't take note of the url, so I don't have a reference for it- I'll get better at keeping track of those things now that I'm blogging).  It was a Blythe dress, so it does't really fit well.  I'm waiting for my obits body before I take it in, but in the meantime I tied a ribbon around the waist.

A good place for a snooze

Model: Suzette (Pullip Io rewigged)
Clothes: dress sewn by me; socks and shoes from Groove
Props: Depression Glass dish, unknown teddy

Friday, November 1, 2013

Suzette's new wig!

I finally got up the nerve to rewig Suzette (my Pullip Io doll).  As a scrapbooker, I'm used to crafting projects that take 2+ hours to complete, so I got my tools all lined up, and settled in at my craft table. It took all of 3 minutes to pry off her stock wig, and about 2 minutes more to adjust the new wig, which I got from eBay.  So, so far, this is not a very time consuming hobby, lol!  I love the loose, shiny curls, and I think Suzette does too!

Pretty Suzette
I love how the orange hair brings out the blue in her eyes
Her eyes, they shone like diamonds...
Those sparkle eye chips are amazing!
I love my new hairdo!
wearing the Santorini outfit (from Groove)
So besides the intensive task of rewigging Suzette, I've also been sewing for her.  I made this dress from a pattern I found online, but it is quite a bit too big.  Since I plan to change her body to an Obitsu, which I understand is bigger than the Type 4 Pullip body, I haven't taken it in yet.  I just wrapped a skinny ribbon around it as a belt for now.

Comfy dish
the dress I made with a vintage floral print.
A good place for a snooze
A good place for a snooze!
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