Friday, November 1, 2013

Suzette's new wig!

I finally got up the nerve to rewig Suzette (my Pullip Io doll).  As a scrapbooker, I'm used to crafting projects that take 2+ hours to complete, so I got my tools all lined up, and settled in at my craft table. It took all of 3 minutes to pry off her stock wig, and about 2 minutes more to adjust the new wig, which I got from eBay.  So, so far, this is not a very time consuming hobby, lol!  I love the loose, shiny curls, and I think Suzette does too!

Pretty Suzette
I love how the orange hair brings out the blue in her eyes
Her eyes, they shone like diamonds...
Those sparkle eye chips are amazing!
I love my new hairdo!
wearing the Santorini outfit (from Groove)
So besides the intensive task of rewigging Suzette, I've also been sewing for her.  I made this dress from a pattern I found online, but it is quite a bit too big.  Since I plan to change her body to an Obitsu, which I understand is bigger than the Type 4 Pullip body, I haven't taken it in yet.  I just wrapped a skinny ribbon around it as a belt for now.

Comfy dish
the dress I made with a vintage floral print.
A good place for a snooze
A good place for a snooze!
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