Monday, November 4, 2013

First outdoors Pullip photo shoot

Hanging out in a tree at sunrise

The sun was rising beautifully over our neighbourhood after we dropped the kids off at the bus stop, so DH and I went outside so he could teach me about lens flare, bokeh, and using a reflector.  We started in the front yard and got some great backlighting and lens flare

Fall sunrise
the sun quickly moved and this was the last shot I could get in the tree
These apples are delicious!
Then we moved to the backyard where the sun was over to the side, still low in the sky
An apple a day...
There was so much light to her right that we had to use a reflector to fill in the left side of her face.
Model: Suzette (Pullip Io rewigged)
Clothes: dress handmade by a local artisan who makes dolls and doll clothes (unfortunately I didn't keep her card); shoes and socks from Groove
Props provided by Mother Nature ;)

Added later: I later scrapbooked this photo: DSC_3994

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