Sunday, December 8, 2013

Pullip Ally and Suzette decorate for Christmas

I picked up a little tree to make my craft room festive, and Ally and Suzette went to work on decorating it for me:

Trimming the tree
"rocking around the Christmas tree..."

Trimming the tree
Suzette can't decide where this blue one goes

Trimming the tree
Ally peeks from around the tree

Trimming the tree
Suzette: This blue one matches my eyes!

Oh Christmas Tree!
"Happy holidays everyone!"
Models: Ally, Suzette (Pullip Io rewigged)
  • Suzette: Barbie dress, Liv Doll sweater, Groove shoes and socks {British Nerd set}
  • Ally: Dress and Blouse sewn by me, sweater from a Ty doll, Groove shoes and socks
Props: Christmas tree, decorations, tree skirt from Target; Step-stool is a container from Walmart

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