Sunday, July 19, 2015

Introducing Dominic (Taeyang Ni-Ya)

I adopted this boy from a seller on Facebook last week.  

Taeyang Ni-Ya: My first second-hand doll
Although I was interested in a few of the Nightmare Taeyang dolls when they first came out, I didn't buy them before they sold out, and I thought that was the end of that.  Then this guy came up for adoption on a Facebook group I'm on.  I didn't have money in my doll-buying account when he first came up, but when the end of the month came, and my account had a bit of money earmarked for doll-spending, he was still available, so I got him!

Dominic has a pretty dramatic look
His first owner re-chipped his eyes and gave him the most beautiful purple eyes I've ever seen!  At first, I thought they were a little creepy, but when I saw them in real life, I really loved them.

Lots of attitude!
His stock outfit is pretty impressive!
He has the most amazing outfit.  Don't expect to see him out of it... unless it's on the bedroom floor of one of my Pullips!

Here is a video that shows him in detail:

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