Monday, August 3, 2015

Secrets of Woodside Episode 4: Just a Girl

Episode 4 of Secrets of Woodside is done and posted!

I created these music videos because the mood of the song is important for the story, but if you prefer traditional pic-fic style storytelling, below you'll find the photos and a bit of text to explain the story.

*tap tap tap*

*tap tap * smirk* tap tap*

*tap tap *gasp?!* tap tap tap*

*tap tap* (I got a Tokidoki hat!)

*tap tap tap* (k, ttyl)

Let's see how it looks!


I love it!  

And it's in my new favourite colour!

From outside Rae's room: *knock knock knock*

Nikki:  "Hi, honey!  Oh- interesting hat!"

< here we go... >

Nikki: "Is that what you spent your allowance on?"
Rae: *tap tap tap tap*

Nikki: "where are you going?"

Rae: "Out." *tap tap*
Nikki: "Out where?"

*ugh!* "Just OUT, mom!"
*tap tap tap*

Later that day, Rae invites her friend Ven over to hang out.

Ven: "Wow, this is your room, huh? It looks like my little sister's dream room!"
Rae: "I know, right?"

Rae: *tap tap tap*
Ven: "Don't you have something better to put up on your walls?"

Rae: "yeah, I think I do, actually"
*hoping nothing big happens while the phone is on the table*

Rae: "This kitten one comes down first"

Ven: "yeah, who likes kittens anymore?  They're so 2014!"

Rae: "What do you think of this- I made it myself"
Ven: "It's totes cray-cray!"

Rae: <wait, is that a good thing?> "Um, ok, I'll put it up here"
Ven: "And what's with all these stuffies? Did you have a baby visiting you?"

Rae: "uhh... no.  I've been meaning to get rid of those..."

Rae: "uhh... into the drawer they go.  My mom will take them to goodwill tomorrow"


Rae: "Off with these babyish stickers too"
Ven: *tap tap tap* 

*tap tap tap* (posting pics of new room to Instagram)

*tap tap* (Tweeting about new room)

 From outside Rae's room: *KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK*

Nikki: "Honey, I'm going out again tonight with Cedar"

Nikki: "You remember Cedar, right?  You met him last week..."

Rae: *silence*

*more silence*

Nikki: "ok, well bye sweetie... I'll be home by 10:30"

10:30 that night:

Nikki: <when she sleeps it's like she's my baby again...> *sigh*

Nikki: "oh wait.  What's that?"

Nikki: <I remember when I got her this stuffy for her birthday...>

Nikki: (whisper) "You'll always be my sweet angel"

Nikki: *sshhhh!*

Rae: "zzzz"

To see previous episodes, check out the Secrets of Woodside tab at the top of my blog!

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