Monday, July 13, 2015

Suri meets new friends (Secrets of Woodside)

I finally completed Episode 3 of The Secrets of Woodside:

(check out the tabs above for all the episodes and more information about the story)

This was really fun to make and came together much easier than my first 2 Pullip music videos.  Notice that I said "easier" not "quicker."  These are time-hungry little monsters!  There are a few things I'm not happy with, but I had to let them go and post it.  Hopefully my videos and photography will improve with time.  Not all episodes will be music videos, but I really enjoy this format, so many of them will be.

I thought I would post some of my favourite pics from the episode as well as a few BTS shots and info for future reference.

First, some photos in the woods:

Suri out for a walk in the woods
I didn't realize how lovely Suri's new eye chips look with her stock wig until I saw this pic.

4 friends take a walk in the woods
Shooting multiple dolls in a single shot is not my favourite activity.  Shooting multiple dolls in the woods with bugs crawling all over you, is definitely not my favourite!  In my desperation to get Ally to stand, I leaned her on a branch and made it look like she was trying to climb over it.  Poor Ally is not the most coordinated girl.  

Nikki and Rae in the woods
This is my first mother-daughter shot of Nikki and Rae.  I love their new wigs and eye chips!
Nikki and Rae in the woods
The look so sweet reaching for each others' hands.  I hope Nikki is enjoying this time with Rae... I feel an angsty adolescence coming around the bend for little Rae!

These next photos are not the greatest but I thought they'd be fun to feature here on the blog:

Suri is ready for a new look
Ready for a new look
I wanted Suri to have a makeover in the story.  Not only because I have a new wig for her, but because meeting the Woodside girls represents a turning point in her healing.  My daughter's American Girl Vanity worked fine as a prop, as long as I had the dolls on very tall stools!

Suzette: leave it all to me!
"Don't worry, Suri, I know just the right new look for you!"
You can't see much of it, but Suri is reclined in an American Girl salon chair.  I'm actually holding Suzette's legs with one hand while I take the photo with my other hand!
Waiting for the colour to set
Dal Vendettina loaned us her cape for the photo shoot.
Suri takes in her new look
Our first glimpse of Suri's new hair comes from her own perspective.  What do you think?  Does she look pleased with it?
What's the verdict, Suri?
I hope I don't regret those beautiful curls!  They look like a lot of maintenance, but so far, they are soft and smooth.
Finally, I'll post some random fun shots from the chorus of the song. Since this post is extremely photo heavy already, I'll save my BTS shots and reminders to myself for next time in a separate post.

new friends
Suri and Nikki
Ally and Suzette are roommates
Wait, wait- everyone move around!
Wait!  You're in the wrong order again!
When you get 4 dolls all lines up and looking at the camera, and no one's heads are flopping, and no hands are on backwards, you don't care about the order of the numbers!

Piggy Back Ride
Mother daughter hugs!  Hang on tight to her, Nikki, they grow up fast!
Piggy Back Ride
Almost too old for piggy back rides!
Nikki looking gorgeous
Nikki's looking sharp today!

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