Saturday, March 15, 2014

My Not- Romantic Alice Pullip

I've been wanting Romantic Alice, but not really wanting to buy a new doll, so I decided to buy her stock outfit (used, on eBay) and then try to find a wig that would complete the look.  My Suzette doll (Pullip Io) has been in need of a re-wigging (she been wearing a plastic orange wig since I bought her) and she has the most amazing blue sparkly eye chips I've ever seen, so I thought she'd made a good Alice.

I found this wig at the Fatiao Doll Shop on eBay and it look amazing on Suzette with the Romantic Alice stock outfit:

Have some tea!
"Would you like some tea?"

Just for comparison, here is what the original Romantic Alice looks like on the Pullipstyle website:

Romantic Alice (stock image from

Not a bad match, eh?  I actually like her better with blue eyes than brown, as it really brings out the blue in her dress.  Here are some more pictures:

Have some tea...
Raspberry tea is delicious!
Delicious tea
Wait, do I see a rabbit over there?
Pullip Io as Romantic Alice
With a Rilakuma tea set
Pullip Io as Romantic Alice
All the pretty frills, lace, and ruffles!
Pullip Io as Romantic Alice
Suzette is now by far the prettiest of all my dolls!

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