Sunday, March 23, 2014

Introducing Rae (Dal Ra Muw)

I bought Dal Ra Muw from paypal money that I got from selling some other doll stuff. She arrived yesterday:

Her box is a unique combo of turquoise and brown

Gotta love that sweet pouty face!
She comes with lots of steampunk accessories
I love dolls that come with solid footwear.
Despite her huge head full of gorgeous hair, I can still stand her without props or a stand thanks to those chunky boots.

It took awhile for Dals to grow on me, due to their sad expression

 What I love about Ra Muw is that her eyes are not sad looking, and she does't look angry to me at all.  Her eyebrows aren't visible in any of my pictures here but I show them in the video and they are nice neutral, and straight.

Familial resemblance?
Although Ra Muw's skin tones are much warmer than Blood Red Hood's, they have similar hair colours, and the exact same eye chips, so I think they look like sisters or mother-daughter.

Although her head can't tilt she looks inquisitive when she is titled a bit.  Almost happy, lol!

Coincidentally, the same day this pretty little thing arrived, my younger daughter found a large metal spring in the ditch in front of our house, and I think it makes the perfect prop for my little steampunk girl!
Perched atop the spring
This is my favourite photo of her so far.
I am still getting used to how far back her neck is on her head.  It seems like the angle of the photo is more important with a Dal, because she looks very inhuman in lots of angles because of that neck.
So annoyed!
This is my first steampunk doll (although I did buy the steampunk Aurora stock outfit, used for Suri, my Bloody Red Hood doll) and I am impressed with the quality.  The price is higher for these dolls, but they do come with a lot of accessories.  I really love the quality of her dress and even her wig is great quality (although I'm sure it will be difficult to manage and frizzy due to its curl) for a stock wig.

Check out the video below for more details on Dal Ra Muw, who I am naming Rae:


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