Monday, February 17, 2014

Welcome Nero (Isul Mao)

This boy joined the doll family today:

Isul Mao in his box
He's such a handsome boy!
His jacket and backpack are so cool!
Too cool for school!
I was a bit rushed in unboxing him and didn't take the usual photos of all that comes in his box, but here are all the extras from the box:  5 shirts, glasses, hair clips, his collector card, and his stand.

This boy comes with a lot of stuff!

Despite the fact that I have a Nikki already in the crew, I was going to call him Nikko because that name keeps coming to mind when I look at him.  However, a friend suggested Nero, and I really like that name, so for now that will be his name.

Check out my unboxing and first impressions video below:

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  1. Its a beautiful Isul ! ( Sorry for my english, i'm a yong french)