Thursday, February 6, 2014

Introducing Jax (Taeyang Natsume)

My first boy arrived yesterday!  I got Taeyang Natsume, mostly for his stock outfit and cello, although I am quite smitten by his look, especially the 2 freckles under his left eye.

Taeyang Natsume in his box

I've never seen so much extra stuff crammed into a box!  He comes with a cello and bow, a chair, an extra jacket, and a necklace in addition to the regular fare- his stand and collector card.

This boy comes with a lot of stuff!
His eyes have a slightly sad look, which is perfect for the character I have in mind for him.
Sad eyes

So his hair was pretty crazy... very curly, as you will see in the video below.  I could't care to take any photos of his hair in its full craziness.  Although the crazy part is in the back, this is the only photo I have of him pre-boil perm:
What a couple!!!
They make a beautiful couple!
In the video below you'll see just how strange his hair looked before I boil-permed it:

Here he is with his hair freshly straightened:
I'm not sure he'll ever lighten up... 
I love his hair straight!
Jax (Taeyang Natsume)
He's got the irritated look mastered
Beautiful clothes + cello + chair = squee!
My moody musician

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