Monday, February 17, 2014

Pullip Doll rooms and misc. updates

This weekend we were snowed in so I got a few doll-related housekeeping tasks done.

I rewigged my Taeyang Natsume doll (Jax) with a Luts wig:
Pointy wig
Now that's more like it!
So this was my first time using a Luts wig, which I knew tend to run a little small.  I could't find the style I liked in the larger size, so I took a chance and ordered the 8-9" anyhow, hoping i could make it work one way or another.  It too some wrestling to get it on, and it does't sit flat against his head, resulting in a bulge on the top of his head (see in the pic below).
Pointy wig
Pointy wig :(

I do really like the style of the wig, and I've read that you can fix this kind of problem by cutting a slit in the wig and sewing in a triangle of elastic to make it bigger.  I like the shagginess of the cut, although it turns under in a funny way on one side.  I'm hoping I can get it to flip out on that side eventually but I'm focussed on fixing the top-of-the-head bulge first.  The back is just amazing and the overall quality of this wig is really impressive.  Very soft, shiny, full wig.
I love the back!
but I love the back!!

I'm really fortunate to have a large craft room, and I have lots of storage space that I don't always need to use, so I moved some things around and ended up with a whole extra 4-foot shelf.  I decided to use this shelf to set up a doll room because I was having trouble storing the doll furniture that I've been making.  I figured, rather than have it in boxes and bins and taking it out every time I wanted to set up a scene for photography, I might as well have it out on display.  I don't have any photos of my space, but this video shows the shelf as well as a few other doll areas in my room:

Finally, I had a bit more time while the kids were playing, so I decided to redress some of my dolls.  I wanted to dress them all in Groove outfits, and here they are:

All dressed up and nowhere to go!
All dressed up, and nowhere to go!
Above, from left to right: Suzette (Pullip Io) in the Santorini outfit, Ally in the Coney Island outfit, Nikki (Pullip Tomoe Mami) in Kiyomi's stock outfit, and Luna (Pullip Tokidoki Luna) in Ally's stock outfit.

All dressed up and nowhere to go!
Just some girls, having fun!
All dressed up and nowhere to go!
Picture perfect
It's hard to get 4 dolls all looking into the camera at the same time, but I think I came close for this one.  Suzette is looking a little off, probably because she kept falling backwards.  

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