Monday, February 10, 2014

Rement haul

As they say, when it rains, it pours, and that certainly applies to today's happy mail!  I ordered several things over the course of a few weeks, and since it all came from various places around the world, it all arrived at once today!  Today I received Kiyomi's stock outfit (see the other post for today for pics), 2 complete sets of Re-Ment, 2 single packs of Re-Ment, and a few other miniature items.  This post will show the Re-Ment I received today.

I bought both of these sets after watching the Hollycopter's video's on the sets.  I love how she shows them in such detail!  The first set is the Rilakkuma Chocolate Cafe:

Rilakkuma Chocolate Cafe Set 1: Menu of the Day

Rilakkuma Chocolate Cafe Set 2: Rilakkuma Pastries

Rilakkuma Chocolate Cafe Set 3: Rilakkuma Chocolate Drink

Rilakkuma Chocolate Cafe Set 4: Rilakkuma Chocolate Taost

Rilakkuma Chocolate Cafe Set 5: Rilakkuma Scones

Rilakkuma Chocolate Cafe Set 6: Rilakkuma Chocolates

The other complete set I got was the Rilakkuma Home Made Cooking set.  I couldn't find the names of the sets in English, so I'll try to just describe them in the caption.

Rilakkuma Home Made Set1: Strawberry Jelly?

Rilakkuma Home Made Set 2: Apple Pie?

Rilakkuma Home Made Set 3: Custard? Mousse? Pudding?

Rilakkuma Home Made Set 4: French Toast? Pound Cake?

Rilakkuma Home Made Set 5: Berry Tart and tea

Rilakkuma Home Made set 6: Baumkuchen & Hot Cocao

Rilakkuma Home Made set 7: Souffle?

Rilakkuma Home Made set 8: Tea with biscuit? Hashbrown?

Although you typically buy Re-Ment sets in blind boxes, some vendors do sell opened boxes so you know what you are buying.  I got the following 2 single sets that way:

Hello Kitty Bakery Set 7: Cash Register
I bought this cash register so I could set up a little shop scene for a future movie video I have in mind.

Girls in the City Set 3: Office Stationary
I bought this set mostly for that unbelievably cute roller date stamp!

Big and Small: Roller date stamps and red ink pads

Big and Small: Green roller date stamps

My entire collection of roller date stamps

This is the beginnings of a cafe scene for a future music video
It will be quite a long time before I have everything I need for this scene, but that's ok.. it's doesn't come up until quite a way down the story line.  The flooring is a piece of foam board which has a print on it that looks just like a linoleum store floor!  Found at the dollar store- Bam!  (as Livie would say)

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