Monday, January 13, 2014

The making of my first Pullip Music Video

I had this idea floating around in my head for about a week now, so today I finally took the photos and put together my very first Pullip Music Video! Before I got started I had to pack up my photo shoot bag (I'll share what and how I pack in another post) and create a few props.

crafting a tiny love letter
Crafting a tiny love letter
I grabbed a piece of notebook paper from a 6X6 paper pad (from the Maggie Holmes collection) for the smaller scale lines.  I also needed some distress ink in Antique Linen to make the paper look old.  I used my grey Zig Writer to make the writing look faded.  Then I grabbed my letter-sealing stuff (why I have letter sealing stuff is a long story that includes an idealistic 24-year-old me with a romantic notion of letter-writing when I moved to Alberta for grad school) and created this tiny love letter:
A tiny love letter
Tiny letter sealed with a wax emblem
The wax is actually a plastic-y substance that you melt and drip onto the letter.  Because my seal is not 1:6 scale, I just used the handle of the seal to press a vague shape into the "wax."

Main prop is ready!
Here is the letter in Suri's bag along with her bottle of wine
The bottle of wine has no role in the story but the letter didn't look right in the bag by itself, plus the bottle is adorable.

I spent about 2 hours kneeling, crouching, and lying in the tiny bit of snow that is left in our backyard.  I tried to get Suri in poses that made her look like she is in motion.  The story line builds around Suri's journey up a hill towards her favourite tree in the old-growth forest in which her cottage is located (old-growth explains why the trees are so large).

A walk in the forest

lots of shots focussing on her boots (to remind us she's still walking) and on her bag (to make us wonder what the letter is)
the trek goes on...
almost there...
finally arrived at her favourite tree

She finally sits down to read the letter
Suri reacts to the letter

Here is a Behind The Scenes shot of my indoor photo shoot for end of the video:
BTS Let Her Go indoor photo shoot
BTS Indoor photoshoot
It's been a long day.  Thanks for checking in on us!

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  1. This video turned out so great. You should be very proud. I enjoyed every minute. I'm looking forward to more but it sounds like a lot of work.