Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year (several updates)

If you follow this blog you might have been bombarded with updates today (sorry about that, and for adding yet another right now). If you don't follow this blog, what's wrong with you?  There are plenty of ways to follow over to the right (Just Kidding!).  I went back and added entries for a bunch of photo shoots I did in the past 2 months, that I had meant to post here but never got around to it.  I posted them for the dates the photoshoots were taken, so they won't show up right below this one, but rather, will be scattered throughout the blog.

I am home sick today while my family is out of town for New Years Day dinner.  I don't have the energy to do anything actually productive (like clean up from our New Years Eve get together or take down Christmas decorations), and I have laryngitis so I can't do the scrapbooking video  that's otherwise ready to go... but I am also tired of napping so I took the time to update this blog.

I am waiting on what I'm considering a "bonus doll," meaning a doll I didn't think I'd be getting right now.  I sold another (non-Pullip) doll on eBay and actually made a profit over what I spent on it and with that profit I ordered one last Pullip doll for my 2013 dolly acquisition list.  Unfortunately because the order was placed over the holidays I did not actually receive it in 2013, but I am hoping it will be here tomorrow.  I am super excited!!!!  When this doll arrives, she might take over Luna's position as my very favourite doll (poor Luna, her reign was so short-lived!)!  If she comes tomorrow, and if I have a voice, I will do a video of my unboxing and first impressions.

From a doll collecting perspective, this has been a short but eventful year!  I only got interested in dolls in the spring, and bought my first Pullip in October.  I guess I really jumped in with both feet because now I have 4 dolls in my craft room and a fifth on the way!  2014 will definitely bring a slower pace of acquiring dolls for me.  I have my eye on a few Pullip dolls that I would like to  get, and I definitely want to get a Dal soon (those frowny-faced girls really grow on you!).  So far, although I would like to have a boy in my crew, none have really appealed to me (except maybe that Neko Neko Mao Mao Isul that comes with all the t-shirts, and a cat-theme, which I of course love).  The good thing is that I don't want to buy any of the upcoming releases that I have seen so far, so I can take my time and focus on getting some of the other dolls that I want.  I am thinking maybe one every other month or so, and then maybe an outfit on the in between months.

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