Monday, January 6, 2014

Introducing Suri (Pullip Bloody Red Hood)

I've been worried about my Pullip Bloody Red Hood since Friday.  According to my tracking number, she had been delivered on Friday, but there was a blizzard here Friday and my mailbox was empty.  I had visions of my box sitting in a cold snowbank somewhere, but she was safe and sound at the post office all along!  Today I got her and unboxed her:

"What is a girl’s weapon? Beauty? Charm? Or the slight mischief underneath the innocent smile? ‘’Strong is Weak, Weak is Strong’’…Feel Like So."
Pullip Bloody Red Hood
Smokey grey eye shadow, wine-coloured eye chips, and glossy purply pink lips
She comes with a cape, a basket/purse, and a bottle of wine
On the way to grandmother's house
I love so many things about this doll, I don;t even know where to start!  So let's start with the wolf printed onto the apron of her skirt- it's the perfect touch for Red Riding Hood.  I think I read somewhere that it's supposed to symbolize her having power over the wolf in this interpretation (I could have mis-read that because it was translated from another language, and my memory of it is shady anyhow).

I will call her Suri because Bloody Red is not the prettiest name
Her hood is exquisitely detailed with a nice cotton lace edging and a ruffle all the way around it.  It is made of a velour-ish material (maybe a thin lower quality velour) and is lined in black cotton.

Her cape is attached with a faux leather strap that is actually attached with a hook and a loop of thread.
You can see in the photo above that her lips have a dark line in them that actually turns up into a little smile.  Very cute!

Under all the layers of her dress (and there are a lot of layers!!!) she has a short grungy/sexy dress that looks really cool with her stockings and boots:
"I ain't scared of no wolf!"

I like the quality of her hair.  It is silky, soft, and dry like Pullip Ally's hair.  It is however, very thin, and the netting of her wig shows in several places on the top of her head.  On my doll, the wig seems to be glued on crookedly on her forehead, which I will show in the video below.  She has long burgundy straight hair with a layer of shorter hair on the sides:
The shorter sides let you drape the hair on her shoulders for a softer look.
Oooh, and she has purple eye shadow!!!!
Bloody Red Hood comes with a cream cotton hair bow (with an under-the-chin elastic), her rd hooded cape, a shabby/frilly neck-piece, her apron with a wolf print, her shabby skirt, a tule underskirt, shabby/frilly long layered cuffs, a baby-doll style short shabby layered dress, cream fishnet stockings with lace trim and bows, chunky lace-up black boots, and panties with a small bow.  She ale comes with a rubber purse that looks like a basket, and a resin bottle of wine with a wolf-head-shaped stopper.  Oh, and her collectors card.

Wearing her hair-bow
So here is the remarkable thing about this doll:  She is the first doll that I have which I do not want to redress, rebody, or change in any way.  I plan to keep her in various combinations of her stock outfit forever and ever.  Well, until I change my mind about that, lol!  But for now, anyhow!

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