Thursday, January 23, 2014

Building Pullip furniture from left over Jetmax cube pieces

I've got a bunch of these Jetmax cubes from Michaels in my craft room (now sold under the Recollections brand):
These are some of the Jetmax cubes from which the pieces came
Some of my Jetmax cubes
They come in a lot of different varieties with combinations of shelves, and drawers, and I don't always use them as they are intended so I end up with a lot of spare parts. I rarely use the dividers like the ones in the drawers below, for example:
I modified these dividers, only using some of them so I could have rectangular spaces
Here are just some of the spare Jetmax parts I had sitting in my back room as of this morning:
Jetmax cube leftovers
I knew I was holding onto these for a reason!

I decided to use the 6 pieces that make up a drawer divider insert like this to make a doll bookshelf:
A modern doll bookshelf
Ikea makes a really nice doll version of the Expedit, which is a popular bookshelf among scrapbookers (the full size Expedit, that is!) so I would love to have that shelf.  But alas, Ikea has not deemed the East Coast of Canada worthy of their flat box Swedish goodness, so I cannot have one of those.  But this one comes pretty darn close!

 Then I took these 4 parts (and 2 more of the smaller pieces) and bought 4 small wooden drawer nobs (not shown here) to make a doll bed:

Soon to be a bed

Check out the video:

 Here's how they look in my photo studio area:
Suri's slumber
I'm so happy to get to use this fabric I've been hoarding since the summer!
Using my Silhouette Cameo I cut some boxes out of patterned paper and card stock and my daughter and I folded, glued them, and punched a notch out of the tops of them.  We decorated the shelves with a combination of my own doll props and her American Girl stuff.

Suri's new room
The bed is so comfy, Suri won't wake up... even when Nikki arrives!

I grabbed some of the extra tiles we had from our kitchen (which were lying in a stack in our utility room) and bought a stick of moulding when I picked up the nobs for the legs of the bed.  Although the scene is missing a wall hanging above the bed (I'll work on that this weekend) I think it turned out ok for 1 morning of work and $14 out of pocket (the nobs for the bed legs were $2 but the moulding was a whopping $12!!!)

just hanging out in the new room
Suri finally wakes up and hangs out with her friends (including my DD's knock-off Blythe)

Although it looks like a doll room, this is actually a photo set!  It can be taken apart and replaced with other items, or fabric can be hung in the place of the set to provide a backdrop for doll photos.

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  1. OMG that is just too cute, can you hear the *squeels* from here?