Monday, December 16, 2013

Introducing Nikki (Pullip Tomoe Mami)

December 16, 2013:
I was ecstatic to learn that the first part of my birthday present was at the post office today!

Tomoe Mami in the box
Pullip Tomoe Mami
"I apologize but... I am going to make the SHOT!! ''TIRO FINALE''... Feel Like So."

Tomoe Mami was released in November 2011, and is based on a character from an anime and from what I've seen of the character, Groove really got this one right.  Pullip Tomoe Mami looks very much like the anime character she was based upon:

(Image found on the anime character database )

Tomoe Mami is so pretty!
Her thick upper eyeliner and neutral lips are perfect!
 Tomoe Mami is beautiful!  I love her faceup, especially the thick upper eyeliner that really sets her eyes apart from most other pullips that I've seen.  I'm not into anime, but I love the look of her squarish eyes and it is the main reason I ordered her.  She comes with 2 outfits, the magical girl outfit that she comes in and a school girl outfit that is wrapped separately in the box.

Tomoe Mami in the box
Tomoe Mami in her box
Here are all the things she comes with: her card, her magical outfit (blouse, skirt, leg warmers, boots, corset, hat), her school outfit (fancy top, plaid skirt, tights, white shoes).  She also comes with a yellow stand and some metal flowers that apparently have some significance to the character's powers.  She also comes with a white padded push-up bra and panties.  Apparently Tomoe Mami is voluptuous.

Tomoe Mami's Stock
Lots of goodies come in the box
She came with her arms and legs covered in plastic, so I guess her stock outfit is expected to stain her body.  I do plan to rebody her in an obitsu anyhow, which I will have to do sooner than later because her legs are very loose.  Anyhow, when I undress her, I will colour fast these clothes before storing them with my doll clothes.

Introducing Nikki
I surprisingly like her wig a lot.  I was planning to rewig her right away, but I think I will leave her wig for awhile and enjoy her shiny, curly, yellow locks.  Her hair is a lot shiner than Io and Ally's stock wigs which are quite dull.

Introducing Nikki
Ready for action!

Here she is in her school outfit, which I much prefer over the other outfit (especially since I'm not using her as the anime character she is based upon):

Nikki in School outfit
I am in love with that blue plaid skirt and the burgundy leggings!
Nikki in School outfit
Her top is very detailed!  I love the red bow, especially since it's Christmas time now.
Nikki in School outfit
Her faceup is so pretty with the orange blush and orange under eyeliner.
Thanks for taking a look at her.  Below is my unboxing and first impressions video:

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