Monday, December 16, 2013

Pullip Secrets (photoshoot)

I've been scouring Pinterest for some inspiration for doll photoshoots, and this is one photo I came across that I really wanted to recreate:
This is NOT my photo.  It was found on Pinterest, which linked to Buzzfeed, which cited Pinterest as the source, so it's hard to say who this photo belongs to.
I wanted to contrast the contrast the colours of my 2 dolls' hair, and I wanted it to be like a "yin and yang" type of concept, so I wanted their hair to go from one diagonal corner to the other.  I ended up rotating the position of the dolls by 90 degrees to get the feel I wanted.  After taking about a dozen shots, I'm really pleased with the results of one:


Models: Ally, Suzette (Pullip Io rewigged)
Clothes: Dresses from Pullip Doll Dreams

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