Thursday, April 3, 2014

Introducing Neela (Pullip Cat Woman)

Pullip Cat Woman arrived today!  She is the second doll I bought (the first was Rae) with money from selling other doll stuff (mostly stock outfits).  Cat Woman immediately went through a transformation from this:

Pullip Cat Woman in her stock outfit
to this:
Neela the Book Worm
Redressed, hair trimmed, bindi added

I wasn't planning to keep her as Cat Woman in the first place, but I could not get her Cat Woman hat on her head, and the gloves looked kind of weird (Pullip gloves always look weird), so I was glad to redress her.
Neela the Book Worm
She has one of the most beautiful Pullip faces
Neela the Book Worm
I love her dark skin tone and smokey eyes!
Black eyelids!!!
My new favourite!

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