Thursday, May 21, 2015

Rusty Photographer (Pullip Photography)

Here are some recent photos:

Suri (Bloody Red Hood):
It's so nice the spring is here!
It's so nice that spring has sprung!
Sitting Pretty!
Suri sitting pretty
"Don't give me that look- we're just friends"
Mao and Rae getting close...
Such a cute little couple
Rae: "Don't give me that look... we're just FRIENDS!"
Chillin' in the Playhouse
Mao got a lip-ring this week.

Chillin' in the Playhouse
Chillin' in the treehouse
Rae received a few dresses tonight
Rae received some new dresses from our friend Stephanie this week

Suri: Stock socks and boots, dress and sweater from Clear Lan
Mao: stock outfit
Rae: unknown source for jeans and white t-shirt; dress from AnnieDollz

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