Thursday, September 10, 2015

Witchy Doll Shelf

So obviously, I can't have the other-worldly dolls mingling with the general Pullip population (because that would be complete mayhem!), so naturally, I needed to find some dedicated space for my newest creepy residents.

This space is conveniently free (upon the moving out of my husband... from my craft room, not from my life!):

I started with a plain shelf and a piece of purple sparkle fabric

I sewed a hem around the perimeter of the fabric, then used my trusty hot glue gun to stick the fabric to the edge of the shelf above.  Here is a shot of it almost fully glued in place:
Witchy doll shelf

Then I used more of that amazing hot glue stuff to stick the fabric to the ceiling of the shelf where my dolls will live.  Here it is, again almost fully glued in place:
Witchy doll shelf

With the ceiling and back wall covered in purple fabric, I played 3 floor tiles on the floor of my doll shelf (these are left-over porcelain tiles from my kitchen floor).  This step is not pictured.

Then I took a piece of foam-core board and covered it in Halloween scrapbook paper (I have a few pieces of scrapbook paper lying around my room).  I also decorated it with Halloween trim from my scrapbooking supplies and used friction and a book-end to hold it in place as a second wall.  The wall provides a nicer background than my craft bins.  The fabric doesn't lie flat because of the kind of brackets these shelves use, but I kind of like the drapey look.
Witchy doll shelf

I ran out of time so I basically just shoved my dolls in there along with a wicker bench that I covered in this fancy sequin fabric (I just wrapped it and draped it over the bench, it's not permanent).  I have a few props that I plan to make, and a few I will buy from the Halloween decor section at a store.
Witchy doll shelf

I love that they have their own little den!

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  1. this is adorable, I need to fix up a place for my dolls ^_^