Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Witches of Woodside

Some creepy new inhabitants have taken over a section of my scraproom of late...

Introducing Paige, my Pullip Midnight Velvet:
Introducing Paige

I've wanted a witch Pullip ever since i started collecting in 2013.  Wilhelmina was new then, and I have always wanted to collect witch dolls (every Halloween I was tempted to buy one- even before I knew about Pullips), but I didn't want my first doll to be such a specific one, so I ended up passing on Willy.  But now that my collection is more established, I feel like I can now branch out and gather a small sub-collection of darker, other-wordy dolls.  Wilhelmina was actually not the first one I chose- it was this beautiful Midnight Velvet, who I named Paige.

  Introducing Paige

Her face-up is stunning and I find she has a very kind-looking face, which I think is a perfect contrast to her malificent-like stock outfit.  Paige is a level-headed, responsible witch, who takes her role seriously, and does not like to cause unnecessary harm to anyone.

Shortly after Paige arrived, a larger box appeared on my doorstep, and Evening and Savannah were added to the otherworldly shelf.

Meet Evening, my Pullip Wilhelmina:
Evening (Eve)

She is strikingly gorgeous.  If I had to give up every doll but one, I think she would be the one I would keep.  I literallly can't take my eyes off this beauty (ok, maybe not literally... but you know what I mean!).  I love taking these dark moody photos of her, and my husband/our resident photographer gave me some good tips that will make my photos even better (hopefully) next time, so I am really excited to work with this crew.

It's my blog and I'll photo spam if I wanna, so:

Evening (Eve)
gasp!  those huge eyes!

Evening (Eve)
there is nothing I don't love about her!

Evening, who allows her closest friends to call her Eve, is a lot more hot-tempered than Paige.  She is prone to ranting, raving, and rampaging.  She definitely holds a grudge, and I wouldn't want to be the poor soul to cross her (or be anywhere near the poor soul who crosses her, for that matter).

Then along with Evening, came Savannah (edited: changed her name to Wren), my Dal Lyla, who is a ghost:

I was trying to make it look like she was looking through a dirty window, trapped inside.  I didn't succeed.  I will wait for more soap build up on my shower door and try again with different lighting (finally, a reason to NOT clean!).

This photo isn't very crisp, but isn't she a cutie?

I love her pouty little face!
Savannah Wren is a bratty old soul, trapped in the ghostly body of a teenager.  She is mischievous and demanding, but also quite sad to be stuck here on earth for eternity.  Paige and Evening have taken her on as their own, for better or for worse.

Eve, Paige, Savannah


Midnight Velvet Unboxing and First Impressions:

Wilhelmina Unboxing and First Impressions

Dal Lyla unboxing video coming soon!

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