Monday, May 1, 2017

Introducing and saying goodbye to Adam (Isul Yomi)

Isul Yomi
Adam: Isul Yomi: Here today, gone tomorrow

This handsome boy joined my doll shelf over a year ago, but I didn't get to take any photos of him when he arrived.  I kind of floated away from the hobby for many months, and when I returned, I decided to take my collection in a different direction, so I decided to sell him.  

Isul Yomi
He will be leaving next week, but I thought I'd post a few pics of him here to remember him.

The Band

Isul Yomi is/was my third doll from the Nightmare collaboration series.  My post for Ni-Ya (who I renamed Dominic) is here, and my post for Hitsugi, who I named Kai, is here.  Unfortunately, Hitsugi has also been sold.  It's hard to let these boys go because they are extremely rare and difficult to find.  But selling them frees up some extra dolly dollars to move my collection in a different direction.  

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