Secrets of Woodside Episode 4: Just a Girl

(Previous Episode: Count On Me)

SoW Issue 4 Page 1 SoW Issue 4 Page 2 SoW Issue 4 Page 3 SoW Issue 4 Page 4 SoW Issue 4 Page 5 SoW Issue 4 Page 6 SoW Issue 4 Page 7 Episode 4: Just a Girl

Synopsis: This episode takes place in current day Woodside.  When Nikki and Rae moved into the subdivision, they had Rae's room done in fun bright colours... but Rae just isn't feeling it these days.  There is definitely change in store for Nikki and Rae, but will it end with just a room makeover and new clothes?  Only time will tell.

Music: No Doubt, Just a Girl
Cast: Rae (Dal Ra Muw), Nikki (Pullip Tomoe Mami), Ven (Dal Vendettina), Cedar (Custom MIO Taeyang by Me)

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